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  M23Q351427  L/C NO.
Dear Sirs,
Kindly issue an Irrevocable Murabaha Letter of Credit by  
(Instructions marked (X) to be followed):
Applicant/ In the name of: Bank Al-Jazira at the request of
Amount:      % / - %
In figures:
(In words):
Advising Bank:
Confirmation:                  Confirmation charges are for:  
Date of Expiry: Place of Expiry: Latest date of shipment:
Partial shipment      Transhipment     
Shipment by:               From: To:
The Credit is available by:     days from
                                       days from
Description of goods/services:
Delivery term (latest version):             
Documents Required:
copy(ies) issued by Beneficiary, original to be certified by Chamber of Commerce/CCPIT.
     notify Bank Aljazira and Ourselves, and showing full name and address of the carrying vessel’s agent at port of destination.
. copy(ies), issued or certified by Chamber of Commerce/CCPIT, stating that goods are solely and  
     exclusively of origin.
. copy(ies).              . copy(ies).
     Saudi Arabia to the order of Bank Aljazira irrespective of percentage, covering Institute Cargo clauses A (All risks), War clauses, SRCC, and TPND from Beneficiary
    warehouse to Applicant warehouse.  
days after shipment/delivery date, and within L/C validity.
     ALL commissions & charges outside Bank Aljazira including reimbursement charges are for                   
We hereby confirm that the above goods details have been filled, completed and approved by us and the described goods are of the same specification that we have requested the Bank to purchase and to resell to us on Murabaha basis. We understand that the Bank will purchase the said goods according to the specification and conditions stated above by means of issunace of a Letter of Credit We hereby irrevocably promise and undertake to purchase the above said goods from the Bank on a total cost plus and agreed profit. plus and agreed profit.   بهذا نقر بأن مواصفات السلعة/البضاعة أعلاه قد استوفيت بمعرفتنا وموافقتنا وأن المعلومات المدونه بعاليه تطابق مواصفات السلعة/البضاعة التي طلبنا منكم تملكها ومن ثم بيعها لنا بالمرابحة, وأنه من المعلوم لدينا بأن البنك سيقوم بشراء السلعة/البضاعة حسب الشروط المدونة اعلاه من خلال قيامه بفتح إعتماد مستندي ونعد البنك وعدا لازما بشرائها منه حال تملكها بسعر التكلفة زائدا الربح المتفق عليه.
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  This L/C is governed by Unifrm Customes & Practice for Documentary credit (UCP) Issued by International Chamber of Commerce currently in force.