App No : 
Date :
Branch :
 Amendment No . :
 Our L/C No.  Advising Bank Reference No. :
  Openers :
  Beneficiary :
Dear Sirs ,
Please amend the above L/C by Swift As Follows :
Increase the amount of the L/C by
       making a new total of :
Decrease the amount of the L/C by
       making a new total of :
Extend expiry date to :
Extend shipment date to :
Other amendments :
All other terms and conditions remain unchanged .
Please debit all charges to our account All charges for beneficiary's account
We attach :
Insurance Policy / Certificate for new amount


  • This amendment is subject to the valid Uniform Customs and Practice for documentary Credits .
  • This amendment is considered as an integral part of the above mentioned Letter of Credit.

We assume all responsibility of non-delivery of the shipment and of compliance with the local import / export laws and regulations or other laws and regulations affecting this trade transaction .
In consideration of your issuing the above-mentioned amendment ,we hereby bind ourselves in respect of the General Terms and Conditions as detailed in the related application form.

We authorize you to debit our A/C No.
Authorized Signature and Stamp