Products and Services

    The Program is based on trading in commodities which compliant with Shari'ah principles executed through Murabaha "Wakala".
    Thrift saving Program (TSP):
    Treasury Group Provide a tool which enables companies in helping their employees to indulge in investing through Yield enhancing program.
    Foreign Exchange:
    Foreign exchange spot transaction is the process of buying or selling currency against another against currency directly through a market rate. Bank AlJazira deals with all major International Currencies and Gulf Currencies.
    FX Forward:
    FX Forwards is futures exchange deal to buy or sell a currency against another currency in the future, the rate on pre-agreed Compatible with Shari'ah principles.
    Structured Products:
    Treasury Group in Bank AlJazira offer a range of innovative structured products and Islamic Solutions compliant with Shari'ah principles to cater to personal and corporate requirements. Also, there are related products with the global and local stock markets, minerals, oil, currencies by Innovative structured deposit banking compliant with Shari'ah principles.
    Long Term Naqa’a:
    Naqa’a Program is for long period.
    Hedging Solutions:
    Treasury Group in Bank AlJazira provide innovative Islamic solutions for hedging and recducing the risk from prices movement and currency market risk compliant with Shari'ah principles by Innovative Islamic Banking.



Acting Head of Treasury Group

Mr.Hani A. Araki

+966 11 215 7375
+966 11 2157 356


Central Region:

+966 11 802 2111
+966 11 215 7356


Western and Eastern Region:

+966 12 609 8111
+966 12 234 6861