Bank AlJazira offers Auto lease product based on Islamic Sharia under the umbrella of Consumer Finance products.

Auto lease product features:

  • Quick approval
  • Flexible payment
  • Convenient installments

For more information, please call the AlJazira phone 8002449999 or visit the sales representative for Auto lease product in the showrooms of agents, authorized distributors.

* Terms and conditions apply 

An overview of the Auto lease product

Product features and advantages:

  • Fast credit approval if conditions are met.
  • The lease term starts from 12 months and up to 60 months.
  • Comprehensiveness of all car brands.
  • Lease of up to 500,000 riyals per car, with a maximum of 3 cars.
  • Comprehensive vehicle insurance covering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states throughout the rental period.
  • Driving authorization for additional drivers for the duration of the contract.
  • A “competitive” down payment and an unprecedented balloon payment.
  • A sales representative specialized in car showrooms, agencies and authorized distributors.
  • Available to Saudis and residents.
  • Annual percentage rate (APR) starts from 9.73%. Including insurance

Requirements for obtaining an Auto lease product

Auto Lease Programs

Programs Description
Flexible The program enables customers to customize monthly payment and select tenure for more convenience. with the possibility of leasing for a lease period starting from two to five years, which allows the customer to reduce the value of the monthly installment to reduce financial burdens.
50% - 50% The program allows customers to pay 50% advance payment and 50% last payment, with the possibility of leasing for a lease period starting from two to five years
Certified Pre-Owned (at accredited showrooms) To be launched soon


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For more information, please call 8002449999 or visit the nearest lease center or any of BAJ branches.

Risk Related to Auto Lease