Terms and Conditions


1) Definition of Terms
The following terms apply to site usage policy, for which Bank Al-Jazira takes no responsibility whatsoever.
The pronoun “you”, whether in the singular or plural, refers to any individual or group of individuals who enter the Bank Al-Jazira site via the internet.
2) Important Legal Issues
We ask you to read the following terms and conditions relating to policy usage of Bank Al-Jazira’s site. By entering and using this site, you acknowledge that you fully understand, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions, and accept that Bank Al-Jazira is free of all user responsibility. If at any point you do not agree to these terms and conditions, then we ask you not to enter our site, nor to view any of the contents therein.
The products and services offered by Bank Al-Jazira are subject to their own terms and conditions, in addition to the terms and conditions that have been related in this document.
3) Copyright and Trademarks
The logo of the Arabian Peninsula is Bank Al-Jazira’s trademark and is a registered service in the name of Bank Al-Jazira. Bank Al-Jazira also holds the rights to any trademark or registered service that is listed on this site.
4) Site Usage and the Information Provided Therein
Bank Al-Jazira regularly updates its site to provide you with information on its products and services, and other financial services that you may find useful. The site therefore facilitates your communication with Bank Al-Jazira, especially concerning any trade activities that could be of interest to you.
The products, services and information that are mentioned in this site are only applicable and available within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These products, services and resources have been set up to conform to the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and do not therefore conform to laws and regulations prevailing in other countries. As such, you may not qualify to benefit from any products or services that are listed in this site. Any request to subscribe to certain products, or to benefit from any of the services whilst you are outside the Kingdom will come under legal review, to either determine your financial capabilities; the service that you wish to benefit from; or the service itself as it is outside the geographical confines of the Kingdom. The bank will review any demand of that nature to ascertain its legal validity and the capability of the owner to benefit from such products or services, and to either accept the request, or to deny it based on such criterion. Furthermore, the bank has the legal right to refuse any requests, at any point, without stating any reasons and without notifying you. The bank does not bear any legal responsibilities because of financial losses you may have incurred as a result of having sent us a request.
The products and services for investment that are displayed on this site are 1) not covered by an insurance policy 2) not guaranteed by Bank Al-Jazira, 3) susceptible to all risks, including the possibility of incurring the loss of some, or even all of the capital invested, including whatever profits or surpluses that may derive therein.
5) Information Sent to the Site
Any information or topic sent to our site through the internet becomes the property of Bank Al-Jazira, provided it does not go against prevailing laws and regulations. The information or topic in question can be dealt with without confidentiality, except in cases where there is an abiding agreement with the bank or in cases where it is necessary to deal with them confidentially, as required by current laws and regulations. Bank Al-Jazira also has the right to use the information and topics sent to its site for any purpose or for any means the bank believes to be appropriate, and which are in agreement with its current policies of respecting privacy and confidentiality. This right encompasses the copy, reproduction, publication and distribution of these topics, or to include them in any of Bank Al-Jazira’s own literature.
We would also like you to understand that internet usage does not provide full security. You therefore take full responsibility for any information or topics that you send, as well as any risks that are related to doing so.
6) No Guarantee
Bank Al-Jazira has taken all the necessary steps to place information on this site and will do its best to update it as soon as it becomes available. Additionally, Bank Al-Jazira does not provide any clear guarantees or a guarantee ensuring the accuracy of the information found on this site, its approval thereof, or that it is in any way complete. It is therefore necessary for you to ensure at all times that the current offers, prices, terms and regulations on the pages of this site are still valid, in view of the fact that the bank maintains the right to change them at any time, and without prior notification.
You also agree to take full responsibility in entering and using the contents on this site for each visit that you make. By using this site, you specifically acknowledge that Bank Al-Jazira disavows any responsibility regarding any harm or damage, and any direct, indirect, urgent, immediate or special claim that may result as a consequence of you entering or using the site, even if we issue a warning that potential harm or damage could occur, and this includes any viruses that may infect your computer.
7) Changes and New Developments
We have the right to change or replace these terms and conditions with other new terms and conditions, or to replace a current page or pages on our internet site without any notification. Similarly, you entering and using our site is considered an agreement on your behalf that you consent to any changes that occur within our site.
It is therefore our right to make complete or partial changes, or to temporarily or permanently suspend or terminate our site, without any prior notification, and at any point we see fit. You also agree that we bear no responsibility towards you or towards any other party regarding us making any changes, suspending or terminating the site.
8) Your Access to the Site
We reserve the right to prevent you from entering or using our site, for whatever reason it may be – for instance – if we believe that you do not act in accordance to the terms and conditions attached to visiting our site. However, you also fully understand that preventing you from entering our site does not in any way affect your account, or accounts held with us, as the latter will remain valid, and that you will still be able to use other traditional banking channels.
You also agree that the instructions and information that you have entered on our site before we send you our confirmation, and their subsequent execution, are valid, and that the bank has the right to either continue or discontinue their execution – as judged appropriate and according to what it sees fit. You also agree to compensate the bank on any financial losses that may result as a consequence of the execution of such information and instructions, or the regulations concerning their implementation.
In order to protect your financial interests, the bank can temporarily suspend you from entering the site, with or without some prior notification. If the bank believes there may be a security problem, it can demand a further investigation and make some inquiries. Once an appropriate solution has been found to the security problem, and we are satisfied by the results, you will once again be able to re-enter our site.
9) Products and Services Geared at Other Parties
Any web links on our site and especially with other parties (institutions, companies, organizations) are the responsibility of these parties, and are not subject to either be severed or authorized by Bank Al-Jazira, its partners, agents or representatives. You take full responsibility for using those web links, and we take no responsibility regarding the purported meanings found on those sites or their usage. We do not make any enquiries to determine the level of accuracy concerning the contents found within those sites, nor how true the information therein may be. We also do not agree, encourage or support the opinions and points of view found on the pages of those sites whether the latter be clear or tacit.
We provide no guarantees or financial contingencies – for whatever reason it may be – for the products and services that you have purchased, partaken in, or obtained from other parties by way of our site. We are also free of all responsibility regarding any exceptional guarantees concerning any of those products and services.
10) The Site does not Offer or Recommend a Particular Service
The information available on Bank Al-Jazira’s site is not intended to be a reference or a source of information for financial, investment, legal or consultative matters. Additionally, it is not possible to rely on any such information to fulfill investment agreements, or to take other decisions.
You cannot therefore interpret any of the information listed on our site as a subject of interest or an offer for investment, nor as a recommendation on current or other types of investments, nor as the basis for avoiding certain investments or other banking services. Additionally, the site is not intended to offer advice, nor act as an investment broker.
It is therefore necessary, prior to making any decisions on investment, that you consult a professional body for advice and consultation.
11) Current Laws and Jurisdiction
This document is subject to the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is to be understood according to the latter’s obligations. You and the bank therefore agree without retraction, that any dispute or disagreement around the rules and regulations are to be referred and resolved by the Settlements Committee of Financial Disputes, which is under the jurisdiction of the Saudi Central Bank.
12) Freedom of All Responsibility
Whatever be the situation or circumstances, we free ourselves of the following:
Neglect that may cause harm or damages of any kind, regardless of whether they are direct, open, specific or impending.
Any expenditures or losses that could result as a consequence of using or not using this site.
The occurrence of some of errors, whether they be out of negligence or due to a delay in the system’s responsiveness (because of flaws in the communications network), hindrances in system operations, the occurrence of failures, the computers being exposed to viruses, or the breakdown of the whole system.
Loss of profits or your reputation being jeopardized despite some clear notification that such problems could occur.
Problems in accessing, entering, using or book-marking the site, or accessing other sites through an active link.
13) Accepting the Terms and Conditions
You fully understand that signing the terms and conditions not only mean you agree to them, but also to the confidentiality agreement, and to using the site in accordance with the specified terms and conditions.
The clauses referred to constitute the bulk of the terms and conditions, and by signing, you acquiesce to what has been specified therein. In agreeing to the specified terms and conditions, you agree not to make any modifications, changes, or cancellations, nor to introduce or add a clause or sentence to those terms and conditions. In the event of such modifications being made, you agree that the latter are null and void, and are not to be legally abided by the bank. In the event of the bank receiving modified terms and conditions, whether it be on paper, by electronic means, or through other means of communication, you acknowledge and accept that though it receives such modifications, the bank does not agree to, nor accepts – under any circumstances – these modifications, and that the modified terms and conditions are immediately rejected without any need to notify you in any way whatsoever. You also agree that making copies of the terms and conditions must be done in a way that is identical to the original in form and content.