Our Programs

  1. Interest-free loan portfolio
    1. The interest-free loan portfolio aims to assist members of needy families get the opportunity to establish their micro projects, increase their income and promote their social establishment by availing them of interest-free loans to finance their project capitals under easy repayment terms, in cooperation with the charitable societies. 
  2. Program for training and qualifying the youth for the labor market (Tamkeen)
    1. The program aims to prepare male and female youth to the labor market, by focusing on professional and knowledge rehabilitation for a wide segment of the community. The program offers training courses which contribute to enabling the youth by providing them with the skills and tools that enable them to formulate their future and upgrade their skills, in collaboration with the national societies and specialized institutes in all parts of the Kingdom.
  3. Program for support of handicapped persons:
    1. The sufferance of special-needs people is related to family, health and economic factors. Hence, this program contributes to the solving of all sides of such sufferance in partnership with parties (governmental and non-profit) specialized in disability fields and in collaboration with charitable health societies and specialized centers. The ultimate aim is to help disabled persons to gain the necessary skills and to upgrade their capacities and professional experience.
  4. Bank AlJazira program advocating innovation “Mubtakiroon” 
    1. Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship skills represent a major step in the road towards achievement of the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Under this program, the bank endeavors to train female and male citizens to own such skills through a specific project that represents a business incubator for entrepreneurs and their innovative projects in all economic, industrial and technical fields.
  5. Program for building non-profit sector capacities:
    1. Through this program, the bank provides support to non-profit sector, being the closest sector to the community’s needs and concerns, by contributing to the building of institutional and human capacities, development of social work leaders and enhancing the infra-structure of national societies.
  6. Program for release of prisoners’ affliction “Tafreej”:
    1. As a part of its social and humanitarian responsibilities, the bank participates in releasing the plight of insolvent financial-rights prisoners in collaboration with the various Governorates in the Kingdom.
  7. National and Islamic functions participation program:
    1. Through this program the bank aims to participate in and sponsor national and Islamic functions and events, particularly those relating to social responsibility and Islamic banking. In addition, the program supports studies and researches specialized in this field.