Kafala Program from Bank AlJazira

To contribute to the advancement of the Saudi national economy and decrease unemployment through the continuous development and upgrading of the Small and Medium Enterprise sector.

Finance objective:
Buying fixed assets and/or financing working capital. 
Minimum limit for Kafala:
SR 80,000. 
Maximum limit for Kafala:
The Program offers a guarantee of up to SR 1.6 million for new and existing enterprises. 
Minimum limit for finance:
The minimum limit of a qualifying finance value is SR 100,000. 
Maximum limit of finance:
The maximum limit of a qualifying finance value is SR 2 million. 
Kafala period:
The guarantee is issued in consistency with the finance term, which is up to 7 years (the guarantee term can be extended upon the Bank’s request). 
The finance process adopted in the Program:
The Program offers guarantees for all types of financing and according to Al aljazira Bank’s approved and Shariah compliant finance solutions.

For more information, please contact us by email on kafala@baj.com.sa or visit one of branches or call the phone banking 800-244-9999

The Kafala Program covers all the economic activities of the Kingdom, which are owned by Saudi investors, shared with foreign investors or even owned by foreign investors, such as:
  • Industry in all fields 
  • Activities in the agricultural sector 
  • Commercial activities 
  • Education 
  • Tourism and entertainment 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Transportation and telecom 
  • Services activities 
  • Medical establishments
  • Activities that are not considered small or medium according to the definition mentioned above 
  • Activities owned by or run by the government 
  • Brokerage (banking brokerage or real estate or pyramid selling schemes) 
  • Any activity violating Saudi regulations or laws 
  • Commercial activities based exclusively on buying and reselling commodities
  • It should have a legal entity 
  • The project should be economically, financially, technically and managerially viable 
  • The project should positively contribute to the advancement of the Saudi economy by employing and training Saudi nationals and/or substituting imports by locally produced goods and/or producing innovative and high quality goods and services
  • Direct submission of the finance request and the following to the Bank:
  • 1- Documents of the activity and any other related documents requested by the Bank
  • 2- Kafala finance application (available at the Bank) 
  • Bank examination of the request and application form according to its applicable criteria 
  • In case of approval, the Bank requests from the Program to issue the guarantee corresponding to the finance request, and attaches the applicant’s acceptance of the Kafala Program form introduced by the Bank 
  • Issuance of the required guarantee by the Kafala Program after evaluating the request submitted by the Bank and confirming its conformity with the Program’s criteria and after studying the request and the personal guarantees of the owner’s activity, the Program requires additional necessary guarantees (for the bank and/or Program’s interest) including mortgage of assets
  • Copy of ID/Iqama
  • Copy of activity’s license
  • Copy of commercial register
  • Copy of the enterprise’s foundation contract (if the enterprise is a company)
  • Copy of the location’s rent or ownership contract enabling the practice of the activity
  • Economic feasibility study (for new projects)
  • Copy of audited financial results for three years (for existing projects)
  • Finance demand application
  • Copy of ownership documents (real estate, cars, etc.)
  • Any further documents the Bank requires

Frequently Asked Questions

Its main function is to offer guarantees to financial establishments in order A: to minimize risks of the Small and Medium Enterprise sector. The Program can guarantee up to 80% of the finance amount given to new and existing Small and Medium Enterprises.

Any activity that has total annual revenue of up to SR 30 million can get finance under this Program. The legal entity of the establishment is also necessary because if more than one company are under one legal entity, the total revenue of all these companies will be taken into consideration.

Exceptions include the following:

  • Activities owned or managed by the government

  • Activities exclusively based on purchasing and selling commodities without any added value

  • Brokerage activities - purchasing and selling, real estate, stock, etc.

  • Activities that do not comply with Saudi Arabian regulations

Yes, the Program offers guarantees for both types, according to its criteria.

It covers the long-term finance of fixed assets and short-term finance that is usually required for working capital.

Yes, it covers services such as marketing, design, creative work or even inventions.

The maximum limit is SR 1.6 million on the condition the amount does not exceed 80% of the finance amount.

The guarantee can be issued for up to 7 years, on the condition that the Bank agrees to the credit as a whole.

Provide Bank AlJazira, through its branches or phone banking, with all your contact details: name, address, fixed landline numbers, mobile numbers, etc. The Relationship Manager then handles all the instructions and guides you to complete the needed requirements.

First, Bank AlJazira will study and evaluate your request according to its applicable criteria. After approval, the Bank presents your request to the Fund in order to issue the Kafala guarantee. The Fund is fully entitled to approve or reject the issuance of the Kafala financing.