BAJ offers suitable finance solutions and options that aim to help your business grow efficiency, support you adapting to changing market conditions, taking effective business decisions, and taking advantage in new businesses opportunities through a fully Shariah Compliance products and services that are designed to meet your business needs and support the achievement of your business sustainable growth.  These solutions include tailored Finance solutions that are prescribed as below:

Direct Finance to Purchase Goods, Commodities and Raw Materials

It is a finance service that enables corporates in their various activities to purchase the goods from local or international suppliers, in order to resell them in the local market, supply them to their customers in the Kingdom or export them to their customers abroad, or use them in manufacturing new products. The finance can be through direct purchase to suppliers or by letters of credit.

Short-Term Loans

A finance service that enables corporates to support its capital, in order to develop its business through soft loans whose term does not exceed one year. The Bank offers various finance forms that suit the needs of enterprises of various types.

Capital Expenditure Finance

To support your business and to free up the essential working capital to be used towards the productive needs of your business, BAJ supports your business in their need of upgrading or purchasing physical assets that includes but not limited to machinery, equipment, and property through medium or long term finance according to the assets life cycle and your business cash flow.

Finance of Projects’ / Contracts’ Extracts

It is a finance service that enables contracting and supply enterprises to finance part of the extracts of the work carried out in the contracts before receiving it from the awarding body.

Letters of Credit/Refinance

A finance service that enables enterprises to import commodities and goods from local and international suppliers, whether to be used in manufacturing or for commercial purposes. This service provides the customer and the supplier with comfort and peace-of-mind, along with reducing trade-related risks, and ensuring that the payment will not be carried out until the related documents are received and verified to be compatible with the required conditions.

Specialized Finance Division

BAJ offers Syndicated bank facility that is offered by a group of lenders who work together to provide funds for the borrower.