BANK ALJAZIRA is offering Post Shipment Financing Program on limited –resource basis under Islamic Financing concept (Tawaruq) for Exporters. This Working Capital Solution will bridge the gap between shipping of goods and realization of proceeds.

Export Financing under Letter of Credit is:

A cash flow solution for exporters selling goods locally & overseas.

Since the buyer (applicant) often agrees to pay the (beneficiary) within an agreed payment term (most commonly between 30 to 120 days), the seller faces a cash flow issue.

Export finance allows business to access Working Capital before issuing-bank pays the beneficiary upon presentation of credit complied documents at maturity under Letter of Credit terms. 

Target Customers:

  • All local exporting companies

Financing Terms:

  • Bank Aljazira clients maintaining current accounts with us.
  • Receipt of authenticated acceptance to honor the presentation from LC issuing Bank on the due date
  • The waiver of credit dues in favor of BANK ALJAZIRA by the customer
  • Clean credit history

Financing duration:

  • Maximum financing period of 12 months

Funding Features:

  • Islamic Financing “Tawarruq”
  • Fast turnaround (within one day).
  • Competitive profit margin

How to apply?