Service Features & Services:

  1. Processing salaries, bonuses and overtime payments automatically via Internet.
  2. Secure handling of payroll and employee information. 
  3. Controlled environment where Approval is required from company authorizer on any payroll payment. 
  4. Direct Deposit of employee's salary to their accounts at Bank AlJazira or other banks. 
  5. Hijri and Gregorian calendar. 
  6. One time setup of employee’s payroll. 
  7. Ability to add, modify or delete particulars of a listed staff. 
  8. Online Access of transactions and payroll payments history. 
  9. Saving time in administering tasks associated with paying employees. 
  10. Minimizing the risk of errors. 
  11. Simplifying payroll activities. 
  12. Reducing operating costs. 
  13. Reducing paper work. 
  14. Reducing cash counting risks 
  15. Ability to pay allowances or additional payments at any time regardless of Salary Payment Date.
  16. Compliant with the Wages Protection System (WPS).