AlJazira Online (E-Corporate)

AlJazira e-Corporate, is an internet banking services available 24/7 that will allow you to transact anytime anywhere.

Service features:

  • Check updated account balances and transactions
  • Freeing client from branch visits to execute transactions
  • Possibility of internal and international transfers at any time
  • Ability to pay utility bills at any time
  • Processing special banking operations such as account opening, checkbooks requests, etc.
  • Fully safe environment during transactions processing. The E-corporate site and all data are protected and encrypted
  • Admin and multiple user feature is available with more security and freedom of use
  • Create customized reports according to the customer’s needs
  • Easily and effectively manage the salaries of employees
  • Transactions and account SMS alerts
  • Admin user facility (Single, Dual and Multiple)
  • Reset admin user password online without involvement from BAJ
  • Automated Payroll & Cash management forms
  • Dynamic account statement (transaction type, posting date, amount, etc.)

Corporate Payroll Service (Rawatebcom)

“Rawatebcom” is a Corporate Payroll Service dedicated to business customers, in order to simplify payroll administrative activity for their employees. This service is provided in a high level of security to manage payroll data with simplicity, rapidity, and convenience.

“Rawatebcom” Service also allows business customers to pay salaries to their (Non-Saudi Employees) with salaries not more than 3000 SAR, with an ATM card dedicated for salaries transactions “Rawatebcom Card”.

Service Features:

  • Processing salaries, bonuses and overtime payments automatically
  • Ability to process payroll electronically via Internet
  • Secure handling of payroll and employees information
  • Controlled environment where approval is required from company authorizer on any payroll payment
  • Direct deposit of employees’ salaries to their accounts at Bank AlJazira or other local banks.
  • Payment on Hijri and Gregorian calendar.
  • One time setup of all employees’ payroll
  • Ability to add, modify or delete particulars of listed staff
  • Saving time in administrative tasks associated with paying salaries
  • Minimizing the risk of errors and operational costs
  • Ability to pay allowances or additional payments at any time regardless of salary payment date
  • Notification via SMS and e-mail
  • Service is available through our BAJ ATMs (Applicable for “Rawatebcom Card”)
  • Reduce the risk of carrying cash (Applicable for “Rawatebcom Card”)
  • Compliant with the wages protection system (WPS)

Cash Pickup and Delivery Services

Cash pickup and delivery services provides clients with a secure way to deposit or withdraw their cash. This eliminates the risky, time-consuming and manpower-intensive process of depositing and/or drawing large amounts of cash to/from their bank account.

Service features:

  • Fast, safe and accurate
  • Includes the option of counting the money in the company’s headquarters in front of the client
  • Reduce risk in carrying cash money and valuable items
  • The ability to select the number of cash bill types and count needed by the client
  • Pick-up and delivery schedule is based on agreement with the bank
  • Deposit cash in the same day

Point of Sales (POS)

Point of Sale (POS) service is an electronic money transferring system that allows the client to make payments for purchases through debit cards and credit cards (VISA, Master Card or American Express) at any POS enabled merchant. It includes the latest in hardware and network system of SPAN2, PCI and EMV. Thus results in a much faster processing and secure transactions.

For more information, please contact us via toll free number 800 244 9090, or you may request a meeting or call with Relationship Manager