Program’s Objectives

  • Assist the SMEs in obtaining the necessary Islamic finance for the development and expansion of its activities
  • Encourage the financial institutions to deal with the SMEs Sector
  • Attract a new segment of owners that are not used to dealing with financiers
  • Develop and promote the SMEs Sector; in order to achieve its important role in the national economy
  • Contribute in providing new job opportunities using the least amount of capital
  • Develop the less economically active governorates
  • Provide training programs to help the small and medium-sized enterprises’ owners
  • Inform and educate the small and medium-sized enterprises owners through seminars and forums

Credit Facilities guaranteed by the Program

The Program guarantees almost all types of Credit Facilities granted by the financiers to the small or medium-sized enterprise, in accordance with the legitimate finance forms accredited at Bank AlJazira.

Documents required for issuing the Guarantee:

  • A copy of the National ID / Residence Permit (Iqama)
  • A copy of the activity license
  • A copy of the commercial register
  • A copy of the Company’s Article of Association (if the enterprise is a company)
  • A copy of the lease or ownership contract for the activity practice head office
  • An economic feasibility study for the activity (for the new projects)
  • A copy of the audited financial statements for three years (for the existing projects)
  • A facilities request data form
  • A copy of the ownership documents (real estates, vehicles, etc.)
  • Any other documents required by the Bank

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