Commercial Banking Services at BANK ALJAZIRA always look forward to provide different Sharia Compliant banking solutions to meet the needs and requirements of corporate sector, which is one of the most important, fastest growing and expanding economic sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We provide range of banking and financing solutions for institutional and corporate sector by our experienced Relationship Managers who are assigned to manage and provide companies with financial ides to support company’s growth s and to ensure high quality service is provided worthy of the name of BANK ALJAZIRA.

Post Shipment Financing:

BANK ALJAZIRA offers a Post Shipment Financing program to its clients by providing cash before the credit payment period, which allows them to control cash flow and business development, where the seller (the supplier) requests financing from the Bank with a support credit guarantee to the issuing Bank that the payment will be made on the due date.

What is a Credit Guarantee?

A written contract issued by the bank (issuer) at the request of the buyer (applicant) in favor of the seller (beneficiary). The Bank is obligated to pay a specified amount within a certain period after the seller ships the goods and submits the documents related to the merchandise and that they comply with the instructions of the credit conditions.

Target Customers:

  • All local exporting companies
  • Current Bank importing customers 

Financing Terms:

  • The customer must have an account at the Bank
  • Ensure that the payment support has been received from the issuing Bank through BANK ALJAZIRA SWIFT System
  • The customer's waiver of the credit dues in favor of BANK ALJAZIRA
  • Clean credit history

Financing duration:

  • Minimum financing period of 1 month
  • Maximum financing period of 12 months

Funding Features:

  • Islamic Financing “Tawarruq”
  • Financing limit up to 7.5 Million SAR per operation
  • Financing percentage: 95% of the value of the credit/invoice
  • Fast funding implementation within 24 hours.
  • Competitive profit margin

How to apply?