The Capital Market Authority, the Saudi Central Bank and the Ministry of Commerce, which deal in the foreign exchange markets (Forex), emphasize the need to exercise utmost caution in dealing with suspicious and irregular websites, which promote through their advertisements on the Internet and social media on Investment opportunities and promises to achieve financial gains and rich quick, without ascertaining that they have the necessary licenses or regulatory approvals from the supervisory authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to practice these activities, which may expose many of its clients to fraud and fraud Great physical assets.

Lists of persons and licensees can be accessed through the Saudi Central Bank website and the CMA website

Awareness message on the high risk of investing in foreign exchange markets (Forex):
Trading in the foreign exchange markets is one of the most dangerous types of financial investments, especially as they are linked to financial facilities that provide customers with high credit lines of up to 500% of the capital. Trading in currency markets requires extensive financial expertise and continues follow up, knowledge of statistics, data affecting the markets, movement of currencies, and the date of publication and to protect speculators from the sudden changes of markets as a direct result of the declared data.