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Invest in Real-Estates Safely and confidently
Your AlJazira ALMASI membership will give you the flexibility to Invest safely in the real-estate market through AlJazira Real-Estate Investment Finance Program which will fulfill all your Real-Estate investment requirements and provide you with the opportunity to benefit from the prime real estate investments. You will benefit from the multiple features of this program to buy property for investment purposes, be it a residential or commercial building building, shopping center or a housing compound. Other features provided by the program include:
  1. Once fixed or variable profit margin; obtain highest finance limit by taking the building proceeds and other financial sources into consideration when determining the finance amount.
  2. Repayment from property income.
  3. Building may be run and managed by you thus enabling you to increase the building income.
  4. Repayment on monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual installments as you deem appropriate.
  5. Waiver of outstanding finance balance in case of borrower’s death or total disability (God Forbid).
  6. Free Insurance cover against fire or destruction risks throughout the finance period.
  7. Please click here for more details or call AlMasi toll free number 800 244 9999
Invest in stocks
“Tamam” Islamic Murabaha Program 
The Sharia compliant program provides AlJazira ALMASI members with the opportunity to obtain Murabaha finance to trade in shares of up to 200% of the value of your local shares portfolio and 100% of the value of global shares portfolio to meet the needs of investors. 
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