AlJazira Ladies Banking


We in Bank AlJazira believe that Ladies are equal partners of Men in the development of our beloved country. Therefore, just like your male counterparts all customer package’s, superior world class products and services will be available to you through our Kingdom wide-network of dedicated ladies banking centers, delivered in a comfortable environment by highly trained lady staff.

Ladies Banking Branch

Branch   Telephone No.
MADINAH Branch Al Madinah Al Munawarah 014-8451956
MOSADIAH Branch Jeddah 012-6606020
TAHLIA ST Branch Jeddah 012-2610730
PRINCE SULTAN Branch Jeddah 012-6070828
King Khaled Branch Makkah Al Mukarramah 017-2216465
AL NAHDA Branch Jeddah 012-6098525
ALKHALDYAH - MADINAH Branch Al Madinah Al Munawarah 014-8693381
AL Rehab Branch Jeddah 012-6750190
Branch   Telephone No.
AL RAYAN Branch Riyadh 011-2085366
KING FAHAD Branch Riyadh 011-2051865
AL-NAFL Branch Riyadh 011-2751086
Quds Branch Riyadh 011-2784387
ALSUWAIDI Branch Riyadh 011-4287523
KING ABDULLAH Branch Riyadh 011-2642044
ALKHALDYAH - MADINAH Branch Al Madinah Al Munawarah 014-8693381
Branch   Telephone No.
QATIF Branch Al Qatif 013-8529900
AL HADA Branch Al Khobar 013-8828848
AL DOHA Branch Dharan 013-8916148
Al Shatie Branch Dammam 013-8089986
Shehabeya Branch Al Hofuf 013-5995560