Bank AlJazira takes care of persons with disabilities, as it has equipped its branches with the latest services and equipment that facilitate their banking transactions and meet their needs. The services it provides include the following:

  • Priority of service within the branches.
  • Parking for persons with disabilities.
  • A private entrance to facilitate the movement of wheelchairs.
  • Introductory publications explaining the banking services needed by persons with disabilities to help them choose the best bank accounts and systems appropriate for them.
  • Training courses for branch staff and customer service representatives on how best to serve persons with disabilities.

Bank AlJazira also offers various banking solutions that meet the needs of persons with disabilities, including:

Current account:

You can open your current account by visiting our branches or through our website with ease and without requiring any minimum deposit. We also offer you high-level packages that are accurate, flexible and private to suit your banking requirements. AlJazira Thahabi package gives you a 50% discount on most banking services fees, and AlJazira Masi package gives you a full exemption from most of the banking services fees.

Personal financing:

The Personal Finance product "Dinar" is offered in the form of Murabaha via local shares to meet your needs and covers all your expenses with the ability to finance retirees. Also, it gives you the option to transfer your financing form another to Bank AlJazira and get bigger financing amount.

Real estate financing:

We offer you a variety of financing solutions which fit your desires to buy a home through Baity product with 10% down payment and with ability to finance self-employed people. You can also obtain real estate financing for the purpose of investment.

Credit Cards:

We provide you with a wide array of credit cards that suit your aspirations and needs which are widely accepted at many shops around the world. You can also enjoy various benefits from loyalty programs, either through Mokafaaty rewards or Ajwaa.

Low Credit Cards:

We provide you with more comfort, control and security with a Tomouh card with a low credit limit and a Multi-currency card that enables you to withdraw cash and purchase through point of sale devices around the world and buy online easily and it is issued with a credit limit starting from SAR 50 and you can easily recharge it with any amount as your desire.

Terms and Conditions Apply

For services and products

Please visit the nearest branch to serve people with special needs or contact us through the following channels:

Through AlJazira phone:

800 244 9999

Or through social media channels