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Treasury Group

The Treasury Group team is active on developing innovative investment products which focus on capital protection and rewarding returns against limited risks. The objective is to assist you in securing the best investment opportunities and consequently provide you with the confidence and peace of mind to grow your wealth.

Structured products, Promising opportunities

It is now quite challenging for the investor in the present uncertain and fluctuating economic environment in both commodities and capital markets, particularly in a low Murabaha return environment, to risk all his capital and savings. Hence, the "Treasury" Group has designed numerous innovative Sharia-Compliant treasury products and structured products in order to cope with and fulfill the Private Banking customers’ investment requirements. These include capital protected deposit products with yield linked to local and global securities markets, metals, Petrol, Currencies, and other superior Islamic banking products. Talk to your relationship manager, and he will avail you of the capabilities and abilities of the Treasury Group team. Our Treasury Group is a winner of many banking awards by well-known global institutions, and they exert distinguished efforts to provide rewarding investment opportunities in the local and global markets to grow your wealth.

"Naqaa" Islamic Alternative for Traditional Term Deposits

It's a product which capitalizes on trading in Islamic Sharia Compliant commodities by way of Murabaha "Wekalah", thereby providing an Islamic alternative of the traditional term deposits product.


Bank AlJazira offers currency exchange rates at preferential prices exclusively for Private Banking customers directly through a strong network of international correspondents to meet your GCC and global currency’s needs.

AlJazira Capital, Your key to investment in securities

Embark in the world of securities investments with AlJazira Capital where we have dedicated our capabilities and experience to develop specialized Sharia-Compliant security services, such as local and global brokerage services and asset management solutions through mutual funds, or discretionary portfolio management services; advisory services through Research team. Apart from the support offered to you by AlJazira Capital in this field, joining Private Banking will qualify you to the following benefits: 

  1. A special AlJazira Capital Relationship Manager
  2. Free Telephone Banking Trading
  3. Access to VIP Trading Lounges at our Investment centers
  4. A significant discount on equity trading commission on (Local, and GCC equities)
  5. Discount on renewal of Tadawulcom service as well as preferential rates for Mubasher Pro & Mubasher Al-Shamel
  6. Access to discretionary portfolios management where the customer’s Saudi shares portfolio will be entrusted to the Asset Management team at AlJazira Capital who have wide experience and knowledge in this field.

About Private Banking

The Private Banking Group has been established in 2013 to serve our highest tier segment for High Net Worth relationship banking and wealth management.


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Our team is active on developing innovative investment products which focus on capital protection and rewarding returns against limited risks.


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