mada Atheer Service

What is mada atheer service?
mada atheer service is a mada value added service that allows cardholders to make their  purchase payments in a safe, easy and fast manner by simply waving or tapping their card  over of the PoS terminal. Cardholders can use this service for any single purchase amount less than 300 SAR. Cardholders may occasionally be asked to enter their card and /or PIN for additional security.
Where is mada atheer service available?
mada atheer service is available at merchant locations that have requested mada atheer service activation from their Acquirer Banks. Merchants who accept mada cards with atheer service will display the mada atheer service sticker at their cashier counters.
What are the main principles of the mada atheer service?
mada cardholders with atheer service on their card can benefit from the service as per the following rules:

  1. Cardholder is not required to enter their PIN for purchase transactions done through mada atheer service for amounts up to SR 100.
  2. When the total cumulative amount of mada atheer transactions reaches SR 300, the cardholder will be requested to insert their card & enter their PIN. This is required for additional security and to reset mada atheer service values in order to use the service again.

How can a cardholder get a mada card with atheer service?
You can get a mada card with atheer service by contacting your nearest bank.
How do I use my mada card with atheer service?
Ask the merchant to enter purchase amount in the terminal

  1. The cardholder should look for mada atheer symbol when paying for items up to the value of SAR 100
  2. Wave or tap the mada atheer card over the symbol until the lights on the PoS turns green
  3. A beep tone indicates successful payment. For additional security you may occasionally be asked to enter your card or PIN.