Ajwaa Plus Credit Card

Apply for Ajwaa Plus Credit Card Free for the First Year.

Offer valid from 30 November till 31 January 2024.

Terms and conditions apply.

Points Scheme for Ajwaa Plus Credit Card:


Local 1.5 points for every SAR 1 on local purchase transaction 10% Ajwaa Additional Points for purchases in the following categories: Hospitals, Pharmacies Supermarkets, e-commerce, Restaurants (excluding fast food restaurants). For more information, click here
International 2 points for every SAR 1 on international purchase transaction

Quarterly bonus points: Get 15,000 bonus points upon spending SAR 10,000 on international transactions every 3 months

Example of earning bonus points when using your Ajwaa Plus Credit Card with a total purchase of SAR 10,000 per 3 months:

Month International Transactions Quarterly Bonus Points
January SAR 10,000 15,000 points
April SAR 10,000
15,000 points
July SAR 10,000
15,000 points
October SAR 10,000
15,000 points
Total Earned Points 60,000 Points

To view the mechanism for rewarding the bonus points, click here

Terms & Conditions:

  • It is not required to open an account with Bank AlJazira to benefit from the offer.
  • Ajwaa Plus Credit Card is free for the first year.
  • Customer should activate and use the card within 45 days from the card issuance date to benefit from the Free for The First Year offer.
  • If the card is not activated and not used during the mentioned period, the Free for The First Year offer is void and the card will be charged with full fees.
  • If the card is not used for 6 consecutive months, the Bank has the right to cancel the card and the welcome points.
  • Welcome points offer for Ajwaa Plus 50,000 Welcome Points.
  • To benefit from the Welcome Points offer, the card must be activated and used for SAR 3,000 in the first month from the card issuance date.
  • This offer does not include current Ajwaa Credit Card customers.
  • Offer valid from 30 November till 31 December 2023.
  • Ajwaa program terms & conditions apply.
  • The offer does not include Bank AlJazira employees