Card Benefits

Worldwide Acceptance

  • Ajwaa Signature Credit Cards are accepted at tens of millions of locations around the world.

Ajwaa Points

  • Earn free points for any purchase transaction using Ajwaa Signature credit card and enjoy using your points for travel and non travel redemption options and other services through Ajwaa website
  • The more you use your Ajwaa Signature Credit Card the more you earn points as follows:
    Points Scheme for Ajwaa Signature Credit Card -3 points for every SR 1 on a purchase transaction

Flexible Payment Options

  • Ajwaa Signature Cardholders have flexible payment options from 5% of the total amount due or SAR 200 (whichever is higher) to full payment.

Free supplementary Cards

  • Ajwaa Signature Cardholders share the wonderful benefits of their card with their family members, who are over 18 of age.

Cash Withdrawal

  • Ajwaa Signature Cardholders can withdraw up to 30% of the limit from all ATMs around the world.

Emergency Card

  • The lost Ajwaa Signature Credit Card will be replaced within 48 hours while traveling anywhere around the world.

Instant SMS Notifications

  • Ajwaa Signature Cardholders will be automatically notified to every transaction they make with their card.

24-Hour Customer Service