• Members may purchase a maximum of 80,000 points per calendar year.
  • Points will be posted to the corresponding Hilton Honors Member account within 10 business days of the completed transaction. Hilton Honors reserves itself the right to cancel any transaction after reviewing the account. In this case, the user will be notified in the next 10 business days and will be refunded accordingly.
  • A new Hilton Honors Member can pool, transfer, or receive Points 30 days after enrolment only providing they have activity on their account. After 90 days of enrolment, a new Member is eligible to pool, transfer, or receive Points regardless of their account activity
  • All purchases are non-refundable.
  • Points purchased do not count towards elite tier qualification.

How to convert Ajwaa points to Hilton HHonors Points:

You can easily convert your Ajwaa points to Hilton HHonors Points by following the below easy steps: (You must have the minimum of 43,421 Ajwaa points or more):

  • Go to https://ajwaa.bankaljazira.com and log-in using your Ajwaa program membership number & password.
  • Choose "Points Exchange" from the home page.
  • From the "Hotel Partner " select “Hilton HHonors Points ".
  • Select the amount of Ajwaa points you want to transfer and then enter your Hilton HHonors Points membership ID.
  • Complete the remaining required details and click “Transfer Points”.
  • You will receive an email from Hilton HHonors confirming the transfer transaction and an email confirmation from Ajwaa.