Earning Points

  • Customer accrues points on purchase transaction only using Ajwaa credit card. Cash withdrawal transactions, SADAD payment transactions, and cash transfer from credit card to current account and funding electronic wallets, and GAZT, Charities and Government payments, utility bills, auto dealers transactions, and petrol stations transactions will not qualify the customer to accrue points.
  • If customer returns the purchased item or cancelled the purchase transaction, the points accrued against that transaction will reversed.
  • Any charges on Ajwaa credit card including profit margin charges or balances transferred from another credit card or account will not accrue any points. 
  • Points will be calculated and credited to the customer points balance in the next working day after the transaction date, and the points net balance will appear in the statement.   
  • In case of any error in the points balance shown in the card monthly statement, customer must report the error to BAJ via the Call Center or by visiting any of BAJ branches within fourteen (14) days of the statement issuance date.
  • In case of any invalid transaction for which points have been accrued, any such points accrued shall be cancelled.
  • The Bank is unable to provide points for transactions performed using other payment method than Ajwaa credit card, as a result of the failure of any machine or system.   
  • Any accrued miles by supplementary cardholder will be added to the customer points balance who is holding the primary card.
  • Points will not be accrued on transactions that the bank believes, at its sole discretion, are related to business expenditure or out of pattern spending by the cardholder.
  • If the card is blocked by the Bank, then any points accrued prior to blocking can only be used when the card is unblocked.
  • Customer acknowledge that the use of Ajwaa credit card is for his / her own personal transactions, and any use of the card in any other transactions by the customer or by others will be considered as misuse for the card, and will give the right to the bank to cancel the card and / or will not allow the customer to accrue points or use any of Ajwaa privileges.
  • The accrued points will be rounded down and net points balance will not include decimal.

The below table shows the miles scheme based on the card type.

Card Type




3 points for every SAR 1 on local purchase transaction

3 points for every SAR 1 on international purchase transaction


3 points for every SAR 1 on local purchase transaction

3 points for every SAR 1 on international purchase transaction


2.5 points for every SAR 1 on local purchase transaction

2.5 points for every SAR 1 on international purchase transaction


1.5 points for every SAR 1 on local purchase transaction

2 points for every SAR 1 on international purchase transaction


0.5 point for every SAR 1 on local purchase transaction

1 point for every SAR 1 on international purchase transaction

Redeeming Points

  • The points must be valid for redemption.
  • Only net points balance appears in in the monthly statement will be redeemable. 
  • There is no minimum number of points required to perform a redemption transaction.
  • In case of insufficient points balance for redemption, the customer can purchase extra points from Ajwaa website by using Ajwaa credit card which qualifies the customer to accrue new points against this transaction.
  • If the customer misses payment for 30+ days, he/she will be ineligible to accrue points for new purchase transactions, and the accrued points will be non-redeemable till the customer pays the full outstanding amount. 
  • If the customer misses payment for 90+ days, he/she will be ineligible to accrue points for new purchase transactions, and the accrued points will be cancelled. In case the customer ends up paying the full outstanding amount and the card is re-activated, the cancelled points balance will remain cancelled and will not be credited to the points membership account.
  • Accrued points are not transferable to others or to another Ajwaa primary cardholder.
  • If the card is closed either by the customer or the Bank, all accrued points will not be non-redeemable.
  • BAJ gives no warranty or guarantee to the quality, condition or suitability of any services, or benefits provided by the airline or the hotel or any other service provider that the customer has chosen to redeem the points . 
  • BAJ shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage, or claims that the customer suffered as a result of using the points including but not limited to that caused by an airline or hotel or any other service provider that the customer has chosen to redeem the points. 
  • The redemption request will be processed according to the instructions conveyed by the user of the points membership account via Ajwaa website mentioned in clause 1.4.
  • If the customer requests to cancel the redemption transaction, the acceptance of the request is subject to the cancellation terms and conditions of the service provider, and the redeemed points in this case will be credited to the points membership account, a cancellation fee of SR. 150 will be charged to the customer for each air ticket or hotel booking plus any other cancellation fee determined by the services provider, all cancellation fees will be charged to the customer's Ajwaa credit card. 
  • Points redemptions are always subject to BAJ approval, BAJ terms and conditions, the availability of the points reward at the time of redemption, and any restrictions imposed by any supplier of the goods or services that the customer selects.
  • The customer acknowledges that once the air ticket is issued or the hotel reservation is confirmed, then the customer relationship is direct with the service provider and BAJ is not responsible for the services. Any enquiries or disputes should be addressed directly with the airline or the hotel that the customer selects.
  • Details of redemptions for air tickets or hotel reservation are sent to the customer's email address in BAJ records. If customer wishes to have them sent to a different email address, then he should update his email address in Ajwaa website prior performing the redemption. BAJ will not be responsible for any redemption of air ticket or hotel reservation cancellation sent to the wrong email address or returned as a result of customer's failure to update his email address information at the website.

Terms and Conditions

  • The bank reserves the right to change these terms & conditions from time to time and the customer will be notified 30 days prior the implementation via SMS or in the monthly statement or other communication channels. The changes are applicable starting from the date they are published, and in case of any conflict or disagreement about these Terms and Conditions, the dispute will be directed to the right judicial authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a ruling.
  • The customer confirms that he has read carefully and understood and agreed with the details of terms and conditions of Ajwaa Credit Card Points detailed in this document.   
  • These terms and conditions are additional to the terms and conditions to the Terms and Conditions of "Ajwaa" Credit Card Agreement which regulates issuance of BAJ credit cards, and any other terms and conditions passed by BAJ from time to time regarding credit cards. In case of any conflict, Terms and Conditions of "Ajwaa" Credit Card Agreement will supersede Ajwaa Credit Card Points Terms and Conditions.  . 
  • The Arabic language is the authorized language in interpreting and executing this agreement. If there is any discrepancy between Arabic and English text, the Arabic text prevails.

Points Validity

  • All points accrued will expire after two (2) Gregorian years after the accrual date, and will be cancelled from the points membership account.
  • The customer will be notified about the points validity through Ajwaa website prior the mile expiry date as per the bank rules.    
  • Expired points will be deducted from the points balance and cannot be reversed under any circumstances.
  • Upon cancellation or closing of Ajwaa credit card for any reason, the points membership account and the points balance will be immediately cancelled.


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