• Ajwaa Program:

     It is a unique loyalty program that offers points to the customer against any purchase transaction using Ajwaa credit card.
  • Ajwaa Program Account: 

    It is one unified account created by BAJ for customer who is holding Ajwaa credit card/ cards, the account reflects the points that customer accrued and can redeem, also the account includes any promotions offered by the bank. The membership number is auto generated by BAJ and will be embossed on the primary and supplementary cards for customer to use for any points inquiries.
  • Ajwaa Points: 

    Means all points accrued by the customer for using Ajwaa credit card on purchase transaction, points balance is calculated based on the card type and the scheme.
  • Ajwaa Program Statement: 

    Is a record of Ajwaa program account that customer can access through 


    this statement includes the points outstanding balance, new accrued points, expired points, and more details. 
  • Ajwaa Program Website:

     Means the Bank website at www.ajwaa.baj.com.sa where customer can log in using username and password provided by BAJ to check his own points balance and redeem it for air ticket with any airlines, or for hotel booking, or for car rental, or to purchase a product, or to purchase a gift voucher, or to exchange points with other airlines / hotel loyalty programs, or to redeem points with cash.
  • Points Balance:

     Is the number of points that the customer accrues by using an Ajwaa credit card on purchase transaction, the balance appears in the monthly statement shows the net balance, the net balance is calculated by adding the net balance from the previous month to the new accrued points minus expired points, redeemed points, and cancelled points. The net points balance shown in the statement is the available balance to be redeemed. 
  • Redemptions:

     means using the points for any of travel or non travel redemption options available in the website, all redemptions are subject to BAJ terms and conditions which will be detailed in this document or other terms that BAJ may apply in the future.
  • Points Validity:

     Is the time duration where the points are valid for the customer to redeem, and the point validity calculation starts from the point accrual date.

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