AlJazira Visa Credit Cards

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

AlJazira Classic Credit Card

Provides you with a wide range of benefits and services that fit your aspirations and meet your needs.

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

AlJazira Platinum Credit Card

Experience a world of exciting and superlative services that are designed to meet your growing needs.

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

AlJazira Infinite Credit Card

Endless possibilities are at your fingertips, life's boundless luxuries await and its infinite benefits are yours.

AlJazira Mastercard Credit Cards

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

With the card’s amazing versatility, you will enter a world of rewards that has no limits through Mokafaaty program.

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

AlJazira World Elite Credit Card

Enjoy special privileges & unique services that will enrich your life with luxury and style with WORLD ELITE™ MasterCard® Credit Card


AlJazira Ajwaa Credit Cards

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

Ajwaa Platinum Credit Card

Shop, convert your purchases into miles and fly with Ajwaa Platinum Credit Card from Bank AlJazira.

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

Ajwaa Signature Credit Card

Shop and turn your transactions into miles you can travel with using Ajwaa Signature Credit Card as you will enjoy the best benefits when you use your card.

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

Ajwaa Infinite Credit Card

Move towards exquisite opportunities and discover great rewards wherever you travel with your Ajwaa Infinite Credit Card privileges that were tailored for you.

AlJazira Low Limit Credit Cards

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

Tomouh Low Limit Credit Card

You can apply for supplementary low limit “Tamouh card” for all ages, and share the benefits of the card with others

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

Multi Currency Low Limit Credit Card

Using different currencies at competitive exchange rates, Money loading, reloading function and transfer between Currencies.


Risks related to Credit Cards

Sequence Credit Cards' Risks Required Action
1 Personal Responsibility
  • Adhere to keeping the Card data and PIN code under the control and the responsibility of the card holder
  • Do not write down the Card number or PIN code, do not leave it in your wallet nor store the same at your mobile phone's contacts.
  • Do not ignore the Bank notifications, whether via SMS or phone calls as regards banking transactions or balance.
  • The data provided by you in the card's application form shall be under your own responsibility. It is required to verify of its validation and update the same once a change is made (personal details, national address and contact numbers).
  • Select your own suitable payment method, whether the payment of minimum or full amount due, and verify that the same is in line with your own monthly liabilities.
  • Upon desiring to select a credit card, verify of reviewing each card's terms and conditions.
2 Receipt of Card
  • Assure receiving the summary statement enclosed with the card, containing the card's basic information, including card's credit limit, cash withdrawal's limit… etc.)
  • It is required to immediately sign the receipt of card at the allocated area on the back of the card. The Bank shall not be responsible for any outcomes or damages that might result from non-adherence to signing on the back of card.
  • Prior to activating the card, proactively contact the Bank via Al Jazira Phone at any time; to get benefit from the service of credit advisor, who provides you with awareness service, for free, about the credit cards (features, characteristics, credit financial tips, risks, your rights as a consumer… etc.)
  • Activate the card by person, to be qualified for utilizing the same and benefitting from the services and advantages thereof, using the contact means that are attested and approved by the Bank.
3 Loss of Card
  • Notify the Bank about the loss or theft of card immediately by contacting the bank phone or by the bank's electronic channels. In the event the Bank is not notified of the card's loss or theft, the customer shall be responsible for all transactions carried out using the card, until the notification of card's loss or theft.
  • Assure applying for the deactivation of card on the electronic portfolios, such as: Apple Pay & Mada Pay).
4 Card-Associated Commissions & Fees
  • To get benefit from any offer provided by the Bank for the exemption from annual fees, it is required to activate the card within forty five (45) days as of card's issuance date, or otherwise the offer shall be deemed revoked.
  • When applying for the credit card, you are requested to carefully read the initial disclosure form attached to the card application, showing all fees and commissions related to the credit card.
  • Prior to activating the card, verify of the type of fees imposed on the card, by contacting the bank phone.
  • The profit margin shall be calculated on a monthly basis as to the remaining due amount on the maturity date. So, do not spend randomly via the card balance, and proactively pay to avoid the accumulation of fees.
  • When carrying out any transactions outside the Kingdom, pay in the local currency of the country in which, you exist.
5 Card Use
  • Use the card in the personal transactions only.
  • Not use the card for any illegal purpose, including the purchase of forbidden services or commodities under the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Or otherwise, the Bank shall be entitled to cancel the basic card and any other additional card, and cancel all acquired loyalty points, provided that the customer shall pay the due amount directly.
  • When using the card in the transactions of points of sale (PoS), verify of the sum of money written down on the PoS device, prior to passing the card to the device.
  • Keep the receipt of payment, whether the transaction is accepted or rejected.
  • When using the card, verify of activating the SMS service for pursuing the transactions carried out using the credit card.
  • Revise the monthly account statement forwarded to you by the Bank for verifying of card transactions. In case of not receiving the account statement, contact the bank phone or visit the nearest branch of Bank Al Jazira, or via the customer account on Al Jazira online.
  • In case of objecting to any transaction incorporated in the account statement, submit an objection application to the Bank in association with such a transaction within thirty (30) days as of date on which, the account statement is issued.
6 Non-Payment of Card Dues
  • Payment Delay: Pay the dues on time and do not delay; in order to avoid the accumulation of profit margin. Whereas the profit margin shall be calculated on a monthly basis as to the unpaid or defaulted amount of money on the maturity date. It will reflect also to your credit register.
  • Default: Adhere to paying on a regular basis; in order to avoid any default. In case of not paying the credit card for three (3) successive installments, that will affect your credit register in Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) and that will be reflected also to your credit register in the future, in case you wish obtaining a credit product.
7 Points of Loyalty Program
  • Any acquired points shall have a validation period. Be keen on benefitting from the points of loyalty program prior to the expiry thereof.
  • In case of payment default, all loyalty program's acquired points shall be cancelled, and the customer shall have no right in claiming the same.
  • When using the card for non-personal purposes, the Bank shall have the right in cancelling the card and revoking all acquired points.
8 Fraud
  • Prior to purchasing from websites, verify of the reliability of service provider or trader.
  • If you have any suspicions as to a transaction carried out using your card, proactively suspend the card by contacting the Bank phone or the Bank's electronic channels.
  • Not to disclose the card information to an unknown body alleged to be Bank Al Jazira.
  • Verify of removing the credit card's information from the websites, after executing the transaction. Be keen on not to keep the card details at the website.
  • Avoid delivering the credit card to any person for executing the transactions at stores via the point of sale (PoS); in order to avoid the robbery of credit data.
  • The Bank staff shall not request for any information about your own PIN code. We remind you again not to share the card information.
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