AlJazira Phone

You will need to get an IVR PIN from Aljazira Phone or any AlJazira ATM

  • The system will automatically identify your information if you are calling from your registered mobile number and it will immediately requests to enter the phone banking PIN for authentication. If you are calling from unregistered mobile or phone number, then the system will allow you to login using national ID/Iqama or your basic number. 
  • To register in IVR , you can choose option no. 2 from the main menu and login with ATM card number and PIN and then choose 4 new TPIN for IVR.
  • Call 800 244 0404 (24/7)
  • To get more information on our products you may please call  800 244 9999

The following banking services are offered through AlJazira PHONE:

  • Account Services
  • Transfers
  • SADAD Services
  • Credit Card Services
  • IPO Subscription
  • Financial Loan Applications
  • Debit Card Services

How to use AlJazira Phone

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