1. Change your password regularly, and use a strong hard to guess password.

  2. Do not use the same password for different accounts.

  3. Do not disclose your financial and personal information with anyone, the bank will not ask you to reveal such information.

  4. Update your operating system and applications regularly.

  5. Always ensure to log off online banking session. Do not directly close the browser

  6. Always download software and applications from official sources only, and avoid websites offering free software or applications.

  1. Shop only from well known, trusted websites and applications.

  2. Ensure that the online merchant or store has a return and refunds policy.

  3. Always use a secure browser connection. Check that a locked padlock or unbroken key symbol is shown in the bottom right of your browser window or the site has a URL that starts with "https".

  4. When completing payments, always read carefully the text sent in the OTP “One Time Password” message, and confirm transaction and the payment method.

  5. Ensure to use a strong hard to guess password.

  6. Keep a copy of the transaction for your records.

  1. Do not share detailed information about you.

  2. Avoid interacting with messages that asks you for your personal or banking information.

  3. Change your passwords regularly and do not use the same password for different accounts.

  4. Enable multi factor authentication “MFA” or two factor authentication “2FA”, if available.

  5. Always review your followers list and remove anyone who you don’t know or who seems suspicious.

  6. Terminate your unused accounts.

  1. Do not use the ATM machine if someone is standing next to you and can view your screen.

  2. When you receive your money, put it in your wallet immediately.

  3. Do not accept help from strangers.

  4. Use your body and hand to shield the keyboard when entering your PIN number.

  5. Make sure your car doors are locked when using a drive through ATM.

  6. When noticing scratches or strange objects on the ATM, cancel your transaction and use another ATM machine.

  7. If you require any assistance contact the bank through the number registered on the ATM machine.

  1. When you receive your card, you should immediately sign the signature panel on the back.

  2. The bank will not ask you to share your sensitive information (passwords, bank account, credit card, debit card, one time password “OTP”).

  3. Do not allow anyone to use your card.

  4. Do not share your password with anyone.

  5. Always destroy cards when they expire by cutting them in half through the magnetic strip and the chip.

  6. To prevent others from acquiring banking information about you, carefully discard all transactions receipts.

  7. Ensure to take back your card from the ATM once you complete your transactions.

  8. If you noticed any suspicious transactions, inform the bank immediately. 

  9. Do not accept transactions from unknown people.