How we protect our customers?

AlJazira online automatically closes the user session after a short period of inactivity in an active session to enhance security against unauthorized access to prevent man in the middle attacks (MiM).

To protect our customers, login attempts to AlJazira Online are limited to three attempts only, after which the account will be blocked.

AlJazira Online uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPs/SSL) in all communications with the customer’s browser.  HTTPS provides a secured, authenticated and encrypted communication channel between AlJazira Online and the customer’s computer, it protects against eavesdropping, tampering with and/or forging the contents of the communication.

AlJazira Online uses a strong password policy and recommends that users always select a hard to guess password. AlJazira Online registration page provides a tool to evaluate the level of difficulty of the user password to help users create stronger passwords.

AlJazira Online uses Multi-Factor Authentication in the form of a one-time password (OTP) sent to the customer’s pre- registered mobile phone, as an additional layer of security along with the USERNAME and PASSWORD to login to their online account.

AlJazira Online uses industry standard encryption techniques to protect all information transmitted during your online session which makes it more secured against intruders and eavesdroppers.

All bank facilities/assets are protected by industry standard digital and physical security 24/7/365.

To protect customers against fraud, AlJazira Online validates adding beneficiaries to the customer account using multi-factor authentication including: online user credentials, one-time passwords and call center.

Bank AlJazira ensures protection & confidentiality of your data and financial assets. It is our responsibility to keep our customers aware of the advanced security features available to our customers:

  • Use only original versions of OS’s and Applications, and always download them form the original source. 

  • Update your Internet browser software regularly from the software official website. 

  • Use a good and well known Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware software and keep them up-to date. 

  • On a regular basis run a full virus scan on your device to identify viruses and other malwares.

  • Enable trusted Firewall Software on your devices. 

  • Never share your online credentials, OTP, ATM PIN or account information even with your close ones.

  • On a regular basis, track your transactions and validate them.

  • Always make sure to Visit/Use Bank AlJazira official channels.

  • Avoid using public or shared PCs, Laptops, Wi Fi networks Etc.

  • Make sure to LOGOUT when you complete your online banking needs 

  • Bank Aljazira does not use any soft tokens.

  • Always download Bank Aljazira official apps from authorized stores (Google Play, Windows Store, and Apple App Store) and never download apps (.ipa or .ipk) from public sources.