BAJ aims to support the business activities and banking needs, we tailored the Cash Management product & services to provide the best cost-effective and time-efficient manner, aptly supported by state-of-the-art technological platforms where our technical solutions are tuned to be error-free.

Corporate Payroll “Rawatebkom”

Rawatebkom is a service that is dedicated to simplify your business employee’s payroll administrative activities. Rawatebkom is provided to you in a high level of security to manage you’re the payroll data in a simple, rapid, and convenience way.

Rawatebkom Features dedicated to your business:

  • Process wages, bounces, and overtime payments of your business automatically or manually as you please.
  • High level of Security on payroll & employees data.
  • Controlled environment where approval is required from the business authority to proceeds payroll payments.
  • Direct deposit of payrolls to your employees with BAJ or any other bank accounts.
  • Availability of foreign currencies (Subject to BAJ Foreign Exchange Prices)
  • Access on transactions and payroll payments history.
  • Minimize risks of errors.
  • Reduce your business operating costs & paper work.
  • Ability to pay allowances & any additional payments at anytime regardless of wages payment date.
  • Compliant with the Wages protection system “WPS”

AlJazira Online “eCorp” & “mCorp

With AlJazira E-Corp you can track, perform any financial transactions at anytime any place as all you need to do is just connect to the internet and perform your business banking services.

AlJazira mCorp:

AlJazira mCorp provides your business various of services that can be performed anywhere and anytime by a click on your mobile with the same username & password of your AlJazira eCorp.

AlJazira mCorp Services dedicated to your business:

  • Account Services.
  • Transfer Services
  • Government Services
  • Payroll Services “Rawatebkom”
  • Self Services
  • Multi-Level authorization Service
  • Other Services

Point of Sale Merchant Service

Point of Sale (POS) service is an electronic money transferring system that allows the client to make payments for purchases through debit cards and credit cards (VISA, Master Card or American Express) at any POS enabled merchant. It includes the latest in hardware and network system of SPAN2, PCI and EMV. Thus results in a much faster processing and secure transactions.

Swift MT940 Services:  

Swift MT940 service is a detailed account statement sent on a daily basis through SWIFT system to the bank that holds your company’s main account, in order to provide you with the opportunity to closely monitor the banking transaction details that are made on your BAJ account tor any other banks globally on a daily basis.