Cash Management

Furthermore, we continuously work with the client to enhance our service delivery by addressing the changing needs of our customer and by leveraging the technological advancement in the Banking Industry.
This is clearly reflected in the services provided by the Cash Management Business Line to corporate clients, which allows them manage and process the banking transactions smoothly and with convenience.
Our objective is to fully satisfy our client’s requirements and to assist them in achieving business growth. This means working hand in hand with our clients to build a long-term and solid partnership.

Product & Services

Corporate Payroll Service (Rawatebcom)
Rawatebcom is a Corporate Payroll Service dedicated to corporate customers in order to simplify payroll administrative activities for their employees. This service is provided in a high level of security to manage payroll data with the simplicity, rapidity, and convenience.


Service features:
    • Processing salaries, bonuses and overtime payments automatically.
    • Possibility to process payroll manually or electronically via Internet.
    • Secure handling of payroll and employee information.
    • Controlled environment where Approval is required from company authorizer on any payroll payment.
    • Direct Deposit of employee's salary to their accounts at Bank AlJazira or other banks.
    • Multi Currency (subject to bank Foreign Exchange prices).
    • Hijri and Gregorian calendar.
    • One time setup of employee’s payroll.
    • Ability to add, modify or delete particulars of a listed staff.
    • Online Access of transactions and payroll payments history.
    • Saving time in administering tasks associated with paying employees.
    • Minimizing the risk of errors.
    • Simplifying payroll activities.
    • Reducing operating costs.
    • Reducing paper work.
    • Reducing cash counting risks
    • Ability to pay allowances or additional payments at any time regardless of Salary Payment Date.

Aljazira Online (E-corporate)

Introducing Aljazira e-Corporate, the new internet banking services available 24/7. Now with AlJazira e-Corporate, you can track your financials anytime anywhere, all you have to do is to get connected to the internet and then enjoy our banking services.


Service features:
    • Give an opportunity for the Client’s to check updated account balances and transactions.
    • Not incurred the client’s the trouble of going to the Branch of the doing of banking transactions.
    • Saving client’s time.
    • Possibility of internal and international funds transfer at any time.
    • Possibility of pay the bills at any time.
    • Proceed with special banking operations such as account opening, checkbooks request for, etc..
    • Full safe environment during the transactions processing, the E-corporate site and all data is protected and encrypted.
    • Feature of Admin user and multiple users are available with more security and freedom of use.
    • The possibility of processing the transactions at any time of day, seven days a week.

SWIFT MT940 service

Bank Aljazira has launched a distinct product for global corporate, Swift MT 940 is a details of account statement which is will send on a daily basis through SWIFT system to the bank that holding your company's main account, in order to provide you with the opportunity to be more closely with the details of the banking transactions that are made to your account with Bank AlJazira or any other banks over the world on a daily basis.


Service features:
    • Give opportunity to the client to preview the Company financial position on daily basis.
    • The client’s are not incurred to the trouble of inquiry to find out the company different balances in different account with several banks.
    • Saving client time.
    • Possibility to send the MT940 message on a daily basis even if there no transaction in the account.
    • Minimize efforts of preparing the daily treasury report.
    • Possibility to send the MT940 message to any Bank in the world.

Cash Pickup and Delivery Services

Cash pickup and delivery services is a product that provides clients with a secure way to deposit or withdraw their cash, This takes away clients risky, time-consuming and manpower-intensive process of depositing and/or drawing large amounts of cash to/from their bank account.


Service features:
    • Fast, safe and accurate.
    • Pick up and delivery schedule is based on agreement.
    • Reduce risk in carrying cash money and valuable items.
    • Time saving.
    • Pick up or delivery process is done with counting the number of cash on client's site.
    • The ability to select the number of categories of cash needed by the client.

Corporate ATM

Corporate Automated Teller Machine "ATM" is a service that provides the clients and their staff with the possibility to make cash withdrawals plus the access to other financial transactions within the ATM in the customer's space.


Service features:
    • Cash withdrawals plus the access to other financial transactions within their space.
    • Not incurred the Client and their staff to go out searching for an ATM machine.
    • Saving time for the client and staff.
    • The possibility of installation of the ATM within the premises of the client and to be in the service of the client's staff only.
    • Always cash available in the ATM and it will be in isolation from the use of pedestrians.

Aljazira Online Trade

AlJazira Online Trade Product is an automated service on the internet offers Trade finance services for corporate and institutional clients.


The product contributes to simplify the administrative procedures for submission and implementation the trade finance services such as Import Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantees, Outward Documentary Bills for Collection, Export Letters of Credit, and Collections.


This service featuring high speed and smooth operations plus it maintains the information secured. The service allows the clients to manage trade finance services requests recorded safely, smoothly, quickly and exalts the customer level of satisfaction.



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Rawatebcom on AlJazira Corporate Online

Rawatebcom is a Corporate Payroll Service dedicated to corporate customers in order to simplify payroll administrative activities for their employees.


Cash Management

Cash management in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner


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