Direct Finance to Purchase Goods, Commodities and Raw Materials

It is a finance service that enables enterprises in their various activities to purchase the goods from local or international suppliers, in order to resell them in the local market, supply them to their customers in the Kingdom or export them to their customers abroad, or use them in manufacturing new products. The finance can be through direct purchase from suppliers or by letters of credit.

Finance of Projects’ / Contracts’ Extracts

It is a finance service that enables contracting and supply enterprises to finance part of the extracts of the work carried out in the contracts before receiving it from the awarding body.

Letters of Credit/Refinance

A finance service that enables enterprises to import commodities and goods from local and international suppliers, whether to be used in manufacturing or for commercial purposes. This service provides the customer and the supplier with comfort and peace-of-mind, along with reducing trade-related risks, and ensuring that the payment will not be carried out until the related documents are received and verified to be compatible with the required conditions.

Letters of Guarantee

A service that enables the enterprises to:

  • Cover the letters of guarantee for the projects’ awarding bodies, for the purpose of engaging in tendering (Bid bonds)
  • Start the implementation of the agreed business (Advance Payment bonds)
  • Ensure the proper implementation of the projects (Performance bonds)
  • Clear the imported goods from the port (Shipping Guarantee)
  • Contractual obligations (Financial Guarantee)

Short-Term Loans

A finance service that enables enterprises to support its capital, in order to develop its business through soft loans whose term does not exceed one year. The Bank offers various finance forms that suit the needs of enterprises of various types.

Finance Capital Expenditures (Long-Term)

A finance service that enables enterprises to expand their capital through the development and updates of fixed assets, thus giving them the ability to maintain the working capital to meet more of their needs.

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