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The AlJazira "ALMASI" Package is a unique experience tailored to meet all banking and financial requirements of our elite customers by means of a set of fast and flexible solutions. The package focus is on the management and growth of our customers' wealth through innovative, flexible and efficient products and services in a Sharia-Compliant environment. We are prepared to manage your financial and banking relationships with highest efficiency and professionalism within AlJazira "AlMasi" package, which is designed to cater for your requirements through the following five pillars to ensure that your personal banking and financial needs are perfectly satisfied:


Distinction with day-to-day banking

As a member of the AlJazira "ALMASI" package, you will be given top priority while performing your daily banking transactions. Your membership of this package will enable you to conduct all your transactions in an environment of utmost privacy, speed and convenience.


Options for a better lifestyle

We have designed many finance schemes to suit your personal needs, which operate in line with the Islamic Sharia principles. This is in addition to many other benefits which will be available to you wherever you go with your Al-Jazira Infinite Credit Card.


Investment financing options

Opportunities never wait long, AlJazira "ALMASI" provides you with the opportunity to invest in real-estate and local and global equity markets at best terms.


Advanced wealth management services

We might not be aware of the size of the business you expect to have, but we are certain that it will not be easy for you to find the one who will perform such business on your behalf in the same efficiency and efficacy as we would do.


Distinction to your family

The needs of your family were always in the heart of our priorities. Based on this fact, your family will be eligible to the same benefits and luxury which you will enjoy as a member of the AlJazira "ALMASI" package.


Benefits and Fees

Exclusive benefits and fees for AlJazira ALMASI customers


Enrollment Criteria

You can request AlJazira ALMASI membership if you meet any of the following criteria


Almasi Debit Card

Global Acceptance & Unique Features.

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Economic Reports

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