National Address

  • Helps business sector and e-Commerce in delivering their products and services.
  • Facilitates delivery of various government services (such as passports, driving licenses and university application) without needing to visit them.
  • Provides accurate statistical records (economic planning, educational, health and social).
  • Key tool for recording ownership of lands and properties
  • Facilitates the delivery of various government services (mail, ambulance, health services, civil defense, water, electricity, and telecommunications).
  • Starting from April 15, 2018, the national address will be required for all your banking transaction.
The project aims to move from the address descriptive into the digital, and through using the latest technologies in field of geographic information systems, in order to facilitate inferred sites through a unified for all regions and cities of standard addresses where easy with dealing and reasoning to reach all citizens, residents and businesses.

Registration Steps

To register please visit

Registration through AlJazira Online & AlJazira SMART

Follow the steps underneath to register your National Address through AlJazira Online & AlJazira SMART:

  1. Register your national address with Saudi Post by clicking here
  2. Login to AlJazira Online or AlJazira SMART
  3. Navigate to the Self Services menu then click on “Register National Address”
  4. Fill in the form with the correct National Address information