Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Know more about the best loyalty program in the kingdom

La Tajil Offers

La Tajil Offers

Pay your purchases with no profit margin.

MasterCard Offers

MasterCard Offers

Exclusive offers for MasterCard holders around the world

Visa Offers

Visa Global Offers

No matter where you are, it's easy to enjoy exclusive offers by simply using your Visa card.

Partners Offers

Enjoy our special discounts and deals with our partners when you use your Bank AlJazria cards.

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

AlJazira Classic Credit Card

Provides you with a wide range of benefits and services that fit your aspirations and meet your needs.

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

AlJazira Platinum Credit Card

Experience a world of exciting and superlative services that are designed to meet your growing needs.

AlJazira Titanium Credit Card

AlJazira Infinite Credit Card

Endless possibilities are at your fingertips, life's boundless luxuries await and its infinite benefits are yours.

How to apply?

Easy Steps to Apply for any AlJazira Products or Services:

To apply for ALJazira Product or services just follow the simple steps below. Our ALJazira staff will be happy to assist you.

Online Application Form:

Just fill in our online form and an AlJazira representative will contact you.

Give us a call at

800 244 9999

and our specialist Agents will be ready and happy to assist you in answering all of your questions about our products and services and assist you with the application process.

Visit the Branch:

Visit our nearest branch and our Customer Service Representative will answer all your questions and assist you with the application process.

to locate our branches.

Risks related to Credit Cards