Safety & Security:

AlJazira Mada Card comes with a small chip (smart chip), and it is considered the most recent modern innovation in the banking industry, which represents the bank's efforts to provide more protection for electronic payments. The importance of the smart card is more important in providing more protection for the difficulty of counterfeiting the card, as it is an electronic chip specifically designed to provide you with more security and protection in completing your transactions and reduce the risk of fraud and misuse of the card, as it is impossible to tamper with the chip or counterfeit.

3-D secure from Bank AlJazira:

You can take advantage of the triple protection service from Bank Aljazira to secure your transactions via the internet to ensure the highest levels of security and protection as you will be directed to the 3-D secure service page for verification, where you are asked to enter the OTP (One time password) * which is sent to the mobile phone number associated with your current account. All within the framework of providing more protection for your peace of mind while shopping online.

* This service applies to stores registered under the “Verified by Visa “service

The ability to purchase inside and outside the Kingdom up to SAR 200,000 per day through point of sales and online, based on customer's segment, and the customer can control the daily limit for purchases easily and conveniently through AlJazira Online or AlJazirah Smart.

Global acceptance in more than 35 million stores and more than 2 million ATMs for withdrawing cash or buying through POS devices inside and outside the Kingdom.

“Atheer service ”:

Atheer service is one of the services of AlJazira Mada Cards, which enables card holders to speed, safety and flexibility in electronic payment transactions, through the f Near-Field Communication (NFC), where through the service it is possible to make purchases that do not exceed the value of SAR 100 once the card is passed in front of a reader (POS device), and the cardholder may be required at times to enter the PIN to enhance security.

“Naqd service”:

  • The cash on purchase service allows the customer to obtain cash from merchants participating in this service when using AlJazira Mada Card through points of sale, and the amount is deducted directly from the customer's current account in addition to the amount of purchases.
  • The customer can take advantage of the service when making a purchase from the merchant providing the service and paying through points of sale using the AlJazira Mada Card.
  • The minimum amount to obtain cash is 1 SAR and the daily maximum is 400 SAR.
  • There is no daily upper limit to the number of cash requests when purchasing.
  • This service is now automatically available on AlJazira Mada Cards.
  • The cash service is available in stores that carry the "cash on purchase" poster.
  • There is no fee for this service.

“MADA Pay”

  • Mada Pay service is the service of payment via smart mobile devices, through a special application that has the highest standards of security and encryption of private information, and allows AlJazira card holders to save their AlJazira Mada cards in one application on a smart phone, and to pay through stores.
  • The cardholder will be able to complete the payment process for purchases once the smart phone is passed after unlocking the phone using the password, on the POS device supported by Mada Atheer service.
  • There is no cap limit for cards that can be saved in the Mada Pay app, and the same card can be saved on more than one device.

“Apple Pay”

  • Pay more quickly and safely with Bank AlJazira Mada cards via .Apple Pay.
  • Apple Pay is a new digital payment solution from Bank AlJazira that enables you to register (provision) Bank AlJazira Mada cards on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or MacBook. You can use this application to pay for your purchases at all points of sale that support NFC, applications and web stores.
  • When making a purchase, Apple Pay uses a very unique device-specific number and a unique purchase code. No details of your card are stored on the device or Apple systems, and they are never shared. Apple Pay does not store any information related to the purchase, ensuring privacy and security in all purchases.

Online purchases:

  • You can shop online with your AlJazira MADA cards at online stores that accepts MADA or VISA where the transaction value be debited directly from your current account linked to the used card.
  • This service is activated by default upon issuing the card.
  • You can easily stop\activate this service through AlJazira online or AlJazira SMART.
  • The usage limit for online purchases is the same as the daily usage limit through points of sale, and you can adjust the daily limit easily via AlJazira Online or AlJazira Smart.
  • When using AlJazira MADA Cards online:
  • Choose your store carefully, considering shopping from famous stores that are reliable or trustworthy. Avoid shopping and entering your card information in suspicious or unknown locations.
  • Verify that your card is valid for use in online purchase and payment, by checking for a CVV / CVC number on the back of the card.
  • Verify that the online store accepts payment with a mada card, by making sure that the mada logo is available in local e-stores, and the Visa logo in international stores.
  • Ensure that the one-time password reaches your mobile phone at every online purchase from a local store.
  • Be sure to know all the details of the purchase process before it is executed, such as the price and currency used for pricing, shipping cost, delivery time and terms and conditions of the return mechanism, as well as getting an electronic invoice that protects your right.
  • Keep your AlJazira Mada card, its PIN number, and on your smartphone registered with the bank, and do not hand over the card, data or phone to anyone else.
  • Keep the text message “SMS alert” documenting the timing and amount of the purchase and the name of the merchant.
New Issuance Free
Renewal Free
Supplementary card Issuance fees SAR 30
Replacement* SAR 30
Cash Withdrawal (BAJ ATM) Free
Cash Withdrawal (Non-BAJ ATM) Free
Cash Withdrawal (International – within GCC network)* SAR 10
Cash Withdrawal (International)* SAR 25
Balance Enquiry (Locally) Free
Balance Enquiry (International – within GCC network)* SAR 3
Balance Enquiry (International)* SAR 3.5
POS and Online purchases (Locally) Free
POS and Online purchases (International – within GCC network)* Free
POS and Online purchases (International)* 2.75% added to the transaction value
Dispute Fee (Locally & within GCC network) Free
Dispute Fee (Internationally)* SAR 50

*These fees are subject to 15% Value Added Tax (VAT)

Terms and Conditions

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