Personal Finance

Personal Finance Dinar through local shares

Personal Finance “Dinar” through local shares

Grants you a finance that comply with your needs and covers your expenses efficiently through Dinar.

Personal Finance Dinar for Bankers

Personal Finance "Dinar" for Bankers

Grants you a finance that comply with your needs and covers your expenses efficiently without transferring your salary.

Personal Finance Dinar for Professionals

Personal Finance “Dinar” for Professionals

It specializes in providing financial liquidity to doctors who own clinics or a consultant architect or a legal accountant. This allows them to cover their expenses with ease and simplicity depending on their business income.

Dinar Buyout

Dinar Buyout

The program of "Dinar” Buyout is compatible with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia and served in Murabaha.

Dinar Buyout

Personal Finance “Dinar” by Commodity

In fulfillment of your desires and aspirations, Bank AlJazira gives you financing that meets your needs by covering all your family and daily expenses with the utmost ease through the personal finance product "commodity dinar”.

Dinar Buyout

Personal Finance via Digital Channels.

Whatever your plan is, whether it was to renew your home, provide education to your children, or financial fluidity, at Bank AlJazira we seek to evolve creative financial solutions that comply with Islamic sharia law with our Personal Finance product through digital channels no need to visit the branch.

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