ISO Certificate for Trade Finance

The Trade Finance team and our Back Office are ISO certified giving priority to Customer´ satisfaction in a Sharia’ah compliant mode of financing.

Products & Services

Aljazira Online Trade

Web-enabled banking facility that offers a multitude of trade finance services to corporate and institutional clients. It allows you to perform international (and domestic) trade finance transactions, from your office or anywhere in the world, in a fast, secure and efficient manner.

  • The ability to process the trade finance services requests through Aljazira Online Trade.
  • Initiate the trade finance service request in short time compared to the traditional process.
  • Admin feature with full authorities such as users creation, users access privilege setting are available on Aljazira Online Trade at customer level.
  • Admin user has power to manage client trade activities on Aljazira Online Trade such as create unlimited number of sub users (processors, Authorizers) in order to manage client trade activities.
  • Admin can set users access privilege in align with his vision and organization structure.
  • Mange trade finance requests with full safe and secure environment.
  • Authorizer user approval required during release the request to Bank in order to apply security controls on the client side.
  • Facility to check about trade request status through Aljazira Online Trade.
  • Send notification alerts by SMS or Email as per client's requirement.
  • Facility to save the trade request without releasing to the bank in order to give the client chance to add, updates, and delete any trade request in any time.
  • Facility to review the historical records of proceeds, initiated, rejected, cancelled trade request through Aljazira Online Trade.
  • Reduce trade request required processing time.
  • Reduce risks that might come by mistakes.
  • Possibility to review on Aljazira Online Trade the trade requests information that submitted to the Bank by traditional way.
  • Minimize the paper work.
  • Possibility to initiate trade finance requests during a day, weekend’s holiday, official Bank holidays and the Bank will process it during the first business day after that holiday.
  • Possibility to have a trade request feedback (Result) within two hours if the request submitted to the Bank before 3 P.M during official business days.                                                                                                                                                                           

Export Letter of Credits

  • Able to notify and advise you in 2 hours.
  • Confirmation upon request, conditions dependent on the opening Bank and Country risks through our large Correspondent network. Competitive pricing.
  • Payments, Negotiations or Acceptances of conform documents treated in the shortest timing, opening doors to financing.
  • Post-shipment financing of deferred letters of credit with competitive conditions.

Import Letter of Credits

  • Your International and domestic L/Cs opened the day of your remittance (before 3 pm) after receiving the required documents.
  • Your documents received and treated the same day, financing available at settlement or negotiating time.

Letters of Guarantees

  • All kind of issuance or re-issuance (Bid bonds, Performance bonds, Advance Payment bonds, Retention bonds ……), including Shipping Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credit.
  • Effective treatment, dependent on the delivery timing, can be issued in 2 hours.

Letters of Guarantees

Present your export collection to the bank and receive notification of your import collections.

Import Financing

Post-Shipment financed under Islamic products and compliance (Murabaha).

Export Financing

Pre and post-shipment finance under all Shariah mode of financing (Murabaha,Tawaruq, Musharaka, etc.) products available dependent on the structure of the deal.

Export Credit Insurance

Having developed close contacts with ECA (Export Credit Agencies like SFD, Dhaman in Kuwait, ICIEC,IFC, etc.), our transactions are financed without recourse to the exporters.

Trade Finance Forms

Click on below for Trade Finance Forms:

In case you are Bank Aljazira Trade Services customer, you can select any of the abovementioned applications according to the required service, then follow the following steps: 

  • Fill in the application fields by typing the required information at each specific field.
  • Print copy of the application after being carefully filled in.
  • Stamp and sign the application on the specific field.
  • Deliver the application to the Trade Operations Services – Head Office or to the Corporate Banking Group At your Region.