We are pleased to launch a lower profit rate and NO fees campaign to meet the needs of our customers, which is a reduction in the profit margin percentage and exemption from all fees for all individual financing products:

  • Personal financing
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Credit cards

The date of the official launch of the marketing campaign: Thursday, February 18, 2021 AD, until March 31, 2021 AD, corresponding to Shaba’an 18, 1442 AH.

Personal Finance

it is financing based on the Murabahah principle, which gives you the option to transfer your financing to Bank AlJazira starting from APR (1.93%) and *zero fees, or get a new finance amount starting from APR (2.65%). Moreover, make the most benefits from obtaining more finance amount, in addition to the below:

  • Financing up to 2,000,000 Saudi riyals
  • Full exemption from the outstanding debt in the event of death or total disability (God forbid)
  • Immediate approval and quick implementation.

*Zero Fees applies on Finance Transfer

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Real Estate Finance

Achieving your dreams is our goal ... We offer you a variety of real estate financing solutions to meet your desires of buying a home in compliance with the provisions of Sharia, starting from (3.86%) as Annual Profit Rate (APR) starting, and zero fees (administrative and property evaluation)

  • Residential Finance "Baity"
  • Equity Release Program (salary income)
  • Investment Real Estate Finance Program (Salary income)
  • Buyout
  • REDF Subsidized Funding products:
    • Ready Unit
    • Self-Construction

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Credit Cards

Now you can enjoy the benefits and services that are designed to meet your changeable needs, which will add value to your daily life and peace of mind, also you will get advantage from the exclusive and distinctive offers from our partners as well as Annual Profit Rate starting from (31.10%) and zero fees forever

The offer applies on the following cards:

  • Visa Classic
  • Platinum Visa
  • MasterCard Titanium

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