AlJazira SMART

AlJazira SMART application allows you to access your account anytime and anywhere by using your smart phone or any smart device such as iPads and tablets. To download the app kindly click here or search for the app stores for AlJazira SMART.

  • If you are registered In AlJazira Online, you may login to AlJazira SMART using your same username and password. 
  • If you are not registered, you may register through AlJazira Online or AlJazira SMART. You will need the following: 
  • An account at Bank AlJazira 
  • An Active Bank AlJazira primary ATM card 

The following banking services are offered through AlJazira SMART: 

  • Account Services 
  • Credit Card Services 
  • Debit Card Services 
  • Debit/Credit Card activation services 
  • Local and International Transfers
  • SADAD Services 
  • Government Payments 
  • AlJazira Capital
  • Self-Services
  • Dashboard view
  • Adding new transfer beneficiaries
  • Charity Donations
  • Adding Standing Orders
  • Alerts services
  • Defining favorite transaction
  • Setting Quick Links
  • IPO Subscriptions
  • Stop credit and debit card instantly
  • Linking account to debit cards
  • Stop Cheque
  • Online Payments through SADAD

The following list of new services are also offered through AlJazira SMART:

The following list of new services are also offered through AlJazira SMART:

  • Ability to login easily through mobile pin mPIN
    The MPIN is a 5 digit pin code created by the customer and registered on his/her personal smart device, which will allow the customer to login to his account through AlJazira SMART application without entering the username and password.
  • Adding Bank AlJazira beneficiaries via QR Code
    This feature will customers to add beneficiaries within Bank AlJazira via QR Code, which will help in retrieving the beneficiary account number and name, to expedite the process of adding a new beneficiary as per the below guidelines:
    • Both beneficiary and the person adding the beneficiary must be registered to AlJazira SMART.
    • This feature support adding within Bank AlJazira beneficiaries.
    • The beneficiary must login to his account and generate his QR from the Account menu – Account Summary – Share QR code with other customers.
    • To add a new beneficiary by using the QR Code, the customer must go to Add new beneficiary and choose within Bank AlJazira, then click on “Add via QR Code” and scan the code from the camera or from the photo album.
    • One time password will be sent to the customer mobile to verify the transaction.
  • Login via fingerprint for Android devices
    The new update will allow Android users “Editions 9 and above” to login with their fingerprint or face recognition technology.
  • Quick login for inquiry
    This feature will allow customers to login to their accounts via fingerprint or face ID for inquiry only. To perform any finical transaction, one time password will be sent to the customer. 
    • Siri Commands
      This feature will allow customer to initiate transaction via Siri voice commands. Siri commands will be only be available for transactions saved as Favorite. Below is an example on how to use Siri commands.
      The customer has transferred 1000 SAR to beneficiary named Majed. In the results screen of the transaction, the customer has added the transaction as favorite and clicked on Add to Siri commands and saved as “Transfer to Majed”. Later on, the customer can say the command to Siri :Transfer to Majed” which will launch the application and ask the customer to login, once the customer is logged in, the application will direct him to the transaction so he can review it and enter the OTP to complete the transaction.
  • Eligible transactions for Siri Commands:
    Any transaction that is saved by the customer as Favorite transaction will be eligible to be add to Siri Commands such as Transfers, SADAD transactions, Credit Cards payment etc.. 
  • Push Notifications:
    By allowing AlJazira SMART App to send you push notifications on your device, you will be receiving valuable offers and awareness notifications that can improve your banking experience.  Push notifications can be enabled or disabled easily from your device settings or from AlJazira SMART app by going to the Self Services menu- Notification management. 
Download AlJazira SMART on the following stores.
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How to use AlJazira SMART

Use AlJazira SMART whenever you want wherever you are.

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